2016 Politics, Poverty and the Presidency Forum

Presented by: New England Community Action Partnership (NECAP), the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, the Community Action Partnership, and the National Community Action Foundation (NCAF)

Save the date for this exciting opportunity to hear from presidential candidates, elected officials, and experts in the field around poverty issues and trends facing our communities with Community Action colleagues and Alliance members.

Last year, New England’s Community Action network served over 1.5 million people to meet their basic needs and become self-sufficient. There are 63 Community Action Agencies in New England which employ more than 13,000 people. The Alliance’s member agencies have served more than 4.6 million people across the U.S. and employ more than 138,000 people.

Community Action and the Alliance work every day to empower people in need, equip them with the tools and skills they need to help them reach economic security and sustainability, and help them build stronger communities. All presidential candidates have been invited, along with policymakers and experts in the field around poverty and inequality. Confirmed attendees and speakers include Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley; Greg Kaufmann, Center for American Progress & Talk Poverty; Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter and author David Cay Johnston; and, Dr. Gary Melton, Ph.D., associate director for community development and social policy in the Kempe Center for Prevention and Treatment of Child Abuse and Neglect at the University of Colorado.

Date: January 21-22, 2016

Where: Radisson Hotel Nashua, Nashua, New Hampshire

Information: Visit www.cafca.org/events for all event registration and hotel information.

Rates: Registration rate: $175; hotel rate: $109/night.

Hotel contact: Call 603-888-9970 and use code NECAP.